Fooocus Outpainting

Let's crack open Fooocus and learn how to outpaint pesky fake watermarks and signature from AI generated art work. Often times even if you flood the negative prompt with things you don't want to see, they appear anyway! So annoying!

Fooocus Outpainting

I've been running a lot of different models and prompts lately. And I mean thousands of images per day doing various tests using Fooocus. One thing that really bothers me is that no matter what I put in the negative prompt area, I still get unwanted signatures every so often in generated art images.

One thing I noticed is the word "art" triggers them more often so try to stay away from the that word if you can.

Keep in mind, I am still learning as I go. So take what you see as a grain of salt and we can learn from each other.

How to outpaint Signatures in Fooocus

In Fooocus, you can click the "Input Image" box. Then, click on the Inpaint or Outpaint tab.

Be sure to use the Inpaint or Outpaint method from the dropdown box.

Now you can use your mouse to paint over the signature area. Make sure to paint an area a little larger than the signature for best results. Then, click generate.

By default, Fooocus will use the Juggernaut V6 model on "speed" setting using 30 steps unless otherwise changed. Try using that and see what you get. You may need to click on generate a few times.

Here are the before and after images with and without the fake signature.

Not bad! By the way, this image was one of the wildcard results I got while letting it run infinitely using Ruined Fooocus as mentioned in the video. You can check out that article here for more details about the workflow.

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