What is a GPT and How can You Create Them?

Find out what a GPT is and how you can create one using ChatGPT.

What is a GPT and How can You Create Them?

On October 27th 2023, Sam Altman and the OpenAI team introduced an exciting update to ChatGPT, integrating GPTs into the platform. This expansion opened up exciting opportunities for ChatGPT users to craft and share their personalized versions of ChatGPT.

What is a GPT?

You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills. See more details here.

This is a TLDR, summarized version of what is on that page:

We're introducing a new feature called GPTs, which are customized versions of ChatGPT designed for specific purposes. You can create your own GPT to make it more helpful in your daily life, at work, or at home, and even share it with others. You don't need coding skills to create one; it's as simple as having a conversation, giving instructions, and choosing what it can do. Some example GPTs are already available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. We believe the best GPTs will be created by the community, and soon there will be a GPT Store to share and even earn money from your GPTs. Rest assured, privacy and safety are a priority, with user data control and safety measures in place. GPTs will continue to improve, eventually becoming real-world task assistants, and we're working towards this goal carefully. Developers can also connect GPTs to external data and applications, making them even more versatile. Enterprise customers can create internal GPTs for specific use cases. We're committed to involving the community in shaping AI behavior and ensuring its benefits for humanity.

In Layman's terms, a GPT is a way for ChatGPT plus members to create a custom chat for specific use cases.

How can you Create a GPT?

It's simple. Any ChatGPT plus user can simply navigate to the GPT editor section. If you are logged in, click here to go to the editor to get started!

From this point onward, ChatGPT will be your helpful companion, walking you through the steps. As you become more familiar with the process, you'll naturally come up with improved ways to make the most of the editor.

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